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Company Name Crossover Technology Co.,Ltd
Head Office 6-13-8 Higashiomiya, Minuma-ku, Saitama, Japan 337-0051
TEL 048-684-6282
Branch Office Fukasaku Office
MM Omiya Building 102
2-23-6 Fukasaku, Minuma-ku, Saitama, Japan 337-0003
TEL 048-720-8636

Koriyama Office
5-75 Gozenminami, Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan 963-0209
TEL 024-973-5161
Business Details Small Magnet Inspection Work, Magnetization, Finishing, Lithium Ion Battery, Jig Design, Production, Assembly
Capital 1,220 Million yen
Establishment Date May 26, 1984
Representative President Director Cho Shuntai
Chief Executive Officer Fukuda Iwao
Number Of Employee 27 Including Part Time Job (As of April 2020)

Business History

May 1984FDD Assembly, Peripheral Device Assembly
May 1989Multi-layer Printed Circuit Board Design and Production
October 1990High-Density Magnetic Head Development Support and Jig Design Production
January 1992Design and Manufacturing of Jigs and Tools, Contract Development of Parts
October 1994 Ultra Thin Small Motor Development Support and Jig Design Production
September 1997Development of Relay Performance Evaluation Device
January 2000Development of Magnetic Flux Density Evaluation Device
April 2003Magnetic Sensor for Personal Mobile Phones, Mass Production Support
March 2005Development and Design of Measurement and Evaluation Jig for Automotive Lithium-ion Batteries
July 2012Established Halbach System High Flux Magnet Assembly System
September 2014Assembling Large Magnets for Trains
July 2017Started Assembly of Large Magnets for Wind Power Generation.
June 2018Automotive Battery Evaluation Device Version UP
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Crossover Technology