Message From President

It is said that the strength of the Japanese manufacturing industry is the ability to produce precise and stable quality materials and parts. Supporting this is the presence of skilled workers and the inspection process to prevent the generation and outflow of defective products.


We have been educating and training inspectors suitable for detailed work for many years、there are few individual differences in work efficiency and we are confident in the speed and accuracy of inspection. Jigs and measuring instruments necessary for the inspection process are created by themselves, we realize the best inspection process by the synergistic effect of delicate sensitivity and sensibility that people have and the long-term operation and stability that machines excel at.


CTC is a company that combines technology and human power.

Since the beginning of our business, we have only sent a high quality with low-cost parts to the market.


We would like to continue to contribute to not only the Japanese manufacturing industry but also the world by providing high quality parts while keeping the spirit of “Fusion of People and Technology” that has been passed down from the previous generation to always challenge and advance one step further.

    President Director