Various Inspection

Visual Inspection

We perform a visual inspection with eyesight, a magnifying glass, and a microscope. We have technicians specialized in magnet inspection, and we have a good reputation for highly accurate inspection.

To carry out efficient and accurate inspections in consideration of work procedures, we have prepared an original inspection environment (lighting settings, optimal brightness at which defects can be seen), and accurately determine defective modes and genuine products based on our criteria. The defective products are prevented from leaking to the market. We also perform marking and alignment of magnetic poles.

Dimension Inspection

There are three methods for measuring dimensions : direct measurement, indirect measurement, and comparative measurement.

Direct Measurement

Direct measurement is a method of directly measuring the dimensions of an object using a measuring instrument such as a caliper, micrometer, or three-dimensional measuring instrument. It is also called absolute measurement.

Although it is possible to measure a wide range within the scale of the measuring device, there is a possibility that the measurement may be mistaken due to misreading of the scale.

Indirect Measurement

Indirect measurement is a method of calculating using another measurement result related to the size of the object to be measured. For example, there is a method of measuring the transit time of moving an object at a constant speed and calculating the length from it.

Comparative Measurement

Comparative measurement is a method in which a gauge block, ring gauge, or other standard instrument is used, and the dimensions are determined from the difference between the gauge block and ring gauge with a dial gauge or other measuring instrument. Since the shape and dimensions of the standard are fixed, measurement is easy, but there is a disadvantage that the measurement range is limited.

By combining with a parts feeder, air cylinder, optical sensor, etc., it is possible to process a large amount accurately in a short time. We perform a direct measurement, indirect measurement, and comparative measurement according to the shape of the magnet.

Magnetic Property Inspection

Magnetic properties are the magnetic properties that a magnetic material exhibits when magnetized.

Typical examples are magnetic permeability and magnetic flux density, and DC magnetic characteristics and AC magnetic characteristics can be used according to the application. For measuring mass-produced products, we create a dedicated measuring jig in-house and use a Flux meter and a Gauss meter together to perform efficient and accurate measurements.

We respond to a wide range of customer requests, from small lots to mass-produced products.

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