Magnetization/Adhesion Assembly


Magnet materials include Nd and Sm rare earth magnets, alnico magnets, and ferrite magnets, which have different characteristics. Since none of them has a magnetic force when they are molded, they are magnetized by passing the material through an environment where a high magnetic field is generated by a coil or a magnetizing yoke. By doing so, it can be used as a permanent magnet. This process is called magnetization.

Multi-pole Magnetizing Yoke


Heating Furnace


Since a magnetic attraction force is generated between the magnet and the yoke, it is very difficult and dangerous to attach the magnet to the yoke. At our company, the shape of the magnet is fixed to a bonded object such as a rectangular parallelepiped, a cube, a cylinder, and a cylinder with a special jig, and it is assembled safely. It is also possible to attach a number of magnets before magnetizing and then polish and surface-treat them to magnetize them. We have equipment such as an air compressor, hot plate, and constant temperature tank. We grasp the features of adhesion required for each application regardless of one-component type, two-component mixing type, acrylic type, epoxy type, and have a high level of experience from abundant handling. Accurate mass production is possible.

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