Evaluation Equipment

Evaluation Equipment

Evaluation equipment is equipment or device that determines whether or not equipment and products meet specified performance or ability.

It is often used as a dedicated judgment device that takes into account the cautions and evaluation points of the product to be evaluated, and there is also a device that evaluates multiple items such as time, voltage, pressure, and vibration. We have a track record of manufacturing electromagnetic relay evaluation equipment, DCR test equipment, cell short-circuit equipment, pressure equipment, volume measuring equipment, etc.

Electromagnetic Relay Evaluation Device

A device that evaluates movement start voltage, movement of electric current,  moving time of each contact, the resistance between contacts, release voltage, etc.

DCR Test Equipment

A device to test the performance by charging and discharging an on-vehicle lithium battery.

Cell Short-Circuit Device

A device that determines the performance when a cell (battery) is short-circuited by an external resistance and overloaded.

Example Products

  • Pressurizing Device

We are also possible to make an original device from your request.

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