Jig Design and Production


A support tool that guides the tool to the correct position during machining is called a “Jig”.

It is made for the purpose of improving work efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, and is used as a support tool at the production site.


We consistently undertake from the design of jigs to the manufacture and delivery according to the customer’s application.

We can also make proposals in various forms based on our data accumulated so far.

We will continue to make improvements and innovations in the manufacturing process to deliver products that satisfy customers.

* We also manufacture products that combine resins (PVC, phenol, acrylic, POM, peak materials, etc.) and metals (aluminum, iron, stainless steel, etc.).

Consultation and Order Flow

Production Request

Make an Appointment, Confirming The Request

Make a design

Specification Creation

Accepting Orders

Production, Assembly and Adjustment

Delivery and Installation

Modification and Correction

After Service