Measuring Instrument

Measuring Instrument

A device that directly measures length, weight, time, voltage, and current with a caliper, scale, clock, voltmeter, ammeter, etc.

It can also measurement devices such as balance scales and digital indicators that compare and measure with a standard.

We mainly produce thickness dimension measuring devices, high-speed magnetic flux density measuring and judging devices, volume measuring devices, etc.

Total Thickness Measuring Instrument

The thickest part of the object can be measured on the surface with the measuring plate.

High Speed Magnetic Flux Density Measurement Judgment Device

Instead of judging the magnetic flux density of each magnet individually, it is possible to judge multiple magnets continuously.

Volume Measuring Device

An indirect measuring device that measures the volume by the Archimedes method.

Other Example Product

  • Magnetic Field Bend Angle Measuring Instrument
  • Reality (Linearity) Measuring Instrument
  • Magnetic Pole Center Deviation Measuring Instrument
  • Squareness Measuring Instrument
  • Volume Measuring Device
  • Dimension Measuring Jig

We are also possible to make an original device from your request.

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